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U.S. Insular Areas

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The U.S. Insular Areas (IA) which include the Pacific and Caribbean Islands and Territories data are provided in zipped file by island group. The zipped file includes all the products and relevant resources for each island group.

Beginning with LF 2016 Remap, Disturbance products are included with IA extents. The new Operational Roads product introduced with LF 2020 is also available for a limited number of islands. Please note, that due to limited availability of input data and imagery, some of the IA have a restricted set of products and only some islands are updated with the release of a new version, such as the LF 2020 update for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Look under LF 2020 for the latest Topographic Products
Check availability for the IA that have Disturbance data.

Checksum explained

Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
LF 2023 LDist [LF 2.4.0] (365 KB; checksum)


LF 2022 [LF 2.3.0] (73.4 MB; checksum)


LF 2022 Public Events [LF 2.3.0] (2.62 GB)


LF 2020 [LF 2.2.0] (135 MB; checksum)


LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (80.4 MB; checksum)



America Samoa
LF 2020 Roads only [LF 2.2.0] (1.84 MB; checksum)


LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (5.87 MB; checksum)


Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
LF 2020 Roads only [LF 2.2.0] (387 KB; checksum)


LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (21.8 MB; checksum)


Federated States of Micronesia (Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae)
LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (14.2 MB; checksum)


Republic of Palau
LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (9.09 MB; checksum)


Republic of Marshall Islands
LF 2016 [LF 2.0.0] (18.8 MB; checksum)



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