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Opportunities to engage and provide feedback

Below is a list of opportunities to engage with and help the LANDFIRE (LF) Program. This includes how to provide data, participate in reviews, and provide feedback on areas within the data that need improvement.

Questions? Need more information? Are you interested in or have ideas about other ways to engage and participate with LF? Please contact us.

Data Submissions (plots and polygons)

WHAT: Contribute data to the LF Program, including plots, polygons, events, exotics, lidar related to vegetation or fuels, and feedback information. Your data is always welcome, so please provide it as soon as you can to ensure it is available for any effort in the LF production process.

WHEN:LF currently has a deadline of October 31st each year to meet schedule needs. Data are accepted at any time throughout the year when it is ready or available.

WHY: Data incorporated into LF will help the landscape data reflect on-the-ground conditions as closely as possible. For more details please visit:

WHERE/WHO: Brenda Lundberg, LF Data Administrator ( )

Product Reviews & Feedback

WHAT: LF welcomes reviews and feedback on the products that have been delivered over the years but is particularly interested in on the most recent products. Feedback on LF products needs to provide enough information or context for the item(s) being elevated. Items such as the following need to be included with all reviews and feedback:

WHEN: Reviews and feedback are accepted at any time throughout the year when it is ready or available. Specific to annual updates and the greatest effect on potential future improvements, receiving information by at least the end of the winter / early spring of each year may position the feedback to be acted upon (depending on the item or complexity) as part the following years annual update.

WHY: Feedback information can be very helpful to LF as it may provide key information to help address possible discrepancies between products and known field conditions and be beneficial for potential future updates.

WHERE/WHO: Please provide your feedback or reviews to the LF Helpdesk with your input.

NOTE: Please understand that LF does not simply substitute or "stamp in" data or recommendations users provide, or change the LF products outright, but rather LF uses this feedback to help determine areas of improvement in LF production processes in order to provide a consistent product across all lands.