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Modeling Dynamic Fuels with an Index System (MoD-FIS) for the Great Basin and Southwest United States

Current plans are to develop products annually based on the following fire seasons:

Overview Area Season Region Date Range
Spring overview map Spring Southern
Northern Great Basin
Feb 1 - May 15
Summer overview map Summer Southern
Northern Great Basin
Mar 1 - Jun 30
Fall overview map Fall Southern Jul 1 - Sep 30

MoD-FIS seasonally modulates fuel model data in the Great Basin and Southwest regions by incorporating seasonal variability of herbaceous cover. These fine fuel measurements are then used to capture changes to fire behavior fuel models based on the current fire season herbaceous production.

Seasonally modified fuel model data were developed for the Great Basin and Southwest regions based on the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Ten years of NDVI from Web-enabled Landsat Data (WELD) was analyzed to determine the average and range of vegetation greenness values for each pixel across each region. These values were correlated with measures of LF herbaceous cover to determine abundance of fine fuels. A process was then developed to create current year herbaceous cover using pre-fire season NDVI imagery and LF Remap data, capturing the green-up of herbaceous vegetation. The resultant updated layers from this process are MoD-FIS Fuel Vegetation Cover and Height (PM_FVC and PM_FVH). This means that MoD-FIS data has capable fuels functionality.

Using the current year herbaceous cover, LF Total Fuel Change Tool can make fire behavior fuel model changes that reflect the current fire season herbaceous cover and resultant fuel availability. Modeling exercises were used to evaluate the seasonal fuel model data. Local fuels experts provided review of the process and resultant data. The final layer from this process is MoD-FIS Fire Behavior Fuel Model 40 (PM_FBFM40).

Mosaic products available, refer to the MoD-FIS data availability.

MoD-FIS Comprehensive PlanPDF
GB-SW MoD-FIS White PaperPDF
FVC Attribute Data DictionaryPDF
FVH Attribute Data DictionaryPDF
FBFM40 Attribute Data DictionaryPDF

The comma separated value (CSV) file used for the raster attribute table is included in the LF product download in database file (DBF) format.
(Why is the CSV important?)

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