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LANDFIRE Reference Data

LANDFIRE (LF) would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who has contributed data. LF collects data through user submitted data contributions and by searching for data on websites and agency database systems.

LF is transitioning back to an update schedule after being focused on the LF 2016 Remap. LF is asking for data to be submitted earlier than in the past to help facilitate the production of annually updated products with a goal of data release before June of each year. This transition may take a couple of years to reach recognizing that several disturbance years (2017-2020) need to be cataloged and processed. The data submission deadline is November 30, 2020. Please make every effort to submit your data by November 30, as LF is relying heavily on user contributed data for this update.

Data submissions are more important this year than in the past because during this transition period LF will be wrapping up LF2016 Remap and will not be using remote sensing methods to detect changes on the landscape. Data submitted after the deadline will be used if schedules allow or be archived for future use. All data contributions must meet LF requirements.

The primary focus of this data call is to collect FY 2020 disturbance and treatment activities. Data from 2017-2019 that were not previously submitted to LF or other National Authoritative databases, are also welcome. The secondary focus is to collect both vegetation/fuel plot data and invasive species polygons and plots. LF also welcomes feedback on current products.

LF needs your help to collect four types of data:

LF Data Contribution Letters:

Additional Resources:

LF Reference Data Requirements minimum information needed for each data type and additional attributes that are highly beneficial to improve data products.

LF Data Draw Frequently Asked Questions related to contributing data

How Data Impacts LF examples of how your data contributions impact LF products

For data submission, questions, or you are aware of other data sources, contact:

Brenda Lundberg
LANDFIRE Reference Data Administrator


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