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Percent of Low-severity Fire

The Percent of Low-severity Fire (PLS) layer quantifies the amount of low-severity fires relative to mixed- and replacement-severity fires under the presumed historical fire regime. Low severity is defined as less than 25 percent average top-kill within a typical fire perimeter for a given vegetation type.

Used in landscape assessments, PLS was derived from the vegetation and disturbance dynamics model VDDT (Vegetation Dynamics Development Tool) (LF 1.0.0 CONUS only used the vegetation and disturbance dynamics model LANDSUM). This layer is intended to describe one component of historical fire regime characteristics in the context of the broader historical time period represented by the LANDFIRE (LF) Biophysical Settings (BPS) layer and BPS Model documentation. This layer is created by linking the BPS Group attribute in the BPS layer with the Refresh Model Tracker (RMT) data and assigning the PLS attribute. This geospatial product should display a reasonable approximation of PLS, as documented in the RMT.

In LF 2016 Remap, Percent of Low-severity Fire (PLS), Percent of Mixed-severity Fire (PMS), Percent of Replacement-severity Fire (PRS), Mean Fire Return Interval (MFRI), and Fire Regime Groups (FRG) are included as attributes in Biophysical Settings products.

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The comma separated value (CSV) file used for the raster attribute table is included in the LF product download in database file (DBF) format.
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