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LANDFIRE 2022 Update (LF 2.3.0)

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The LANDFIRE (LF) 2022 Update represents another step in moving towards an annual update.

This update is the first time in LANDFIRE history in which disturbances from the year before are represented in current year products.

LF 2022 includes adjustments to vegetation and fuels in disturbed areas for disturbances recorded in 2021 and 2022. LF 2022 disturbance layers contain comprehensive polygon treatment data (disturbance events) obtained from national and local sources and fire program data including:

  • Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity (MTBS)
  • Burned Area Reflectance Classification (BARC)
  • Rapid Assessment of Vegetation Condition after Wildfire (RAVG)

Disturbances are also identified with LF's remote sensing of landscape change (RSLC), which identifies spectral change in vegetation using automated algorithms and image analyst review of the entire country.

Both vegetation cover and height, as well as fuels, will be 2023 capable in disturbed areas. This means that in mapped disturbances, vegetation and fuels represent current year conditions. Transition rulesets for vegetation account for disturbances from 2017 to 2022 since they were designed to use LF 2016 Remap vegetation data as inputs. Fuel updates utilize 2013–2022 disturbances because fuels transition rules encompass ten years of disturbance and can use pre-disturbance fuel inputs.

Important changes featured in the LF 2022 update include:

  • Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) Ecological Systems classifications will remain the same as LF 2020, except in areas where agriculture or urban areas have changed
  • LF 2022 contains the first application of the "zero to one" Time Since Disturbance (TSD) rules for vegetation height and cover transition rules
    • New rules for the "zero to one" TSD category were developed for surface fuel transitions and are designed to represent the effects of disturbance on fuels for the growing season immediately following the disturbance
  • The years represented in Historical Disturbance (HDist) and Fuel Disturbance (FDist) are now the same

LF 2022 Update Products and Descriptions

Theme Product Name Abbreviation
Disturbance 2021 Annual Dist2021
2022 Annual Dist2022
Historical Disturbance HDist
Fire Regime Fire Regime Groups FRG
Mean Fire Return Interval MFRI
Percent Fire Severity PFS (PLS, PMS, PRS)
Succession Classes SClass
Vegetation Condition Class VCC
Vegetation Departure Index VDep
(2023 Capable)
13 Anderson Fire Behavior Fuel Models FBFM13
40 Scott and Burgan Fire Behavior Fuel Models FBFM40
Forest Canopy Bulk Density CBD
Forest Canopy Base Height CBH
Forest Canopy Cover CC
Forest Canopy Height CH
Fuel Disturbance FDist
Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System CFFDRS
Fuel Vegetation Cover FVC
Fuel Vegetation Height FVH
Fuel Vegetation Type FVT
Fuel Rulesets Database FRDB
LFTFC Toolbar Database LFTFC DB
Landscape File LCP
Reference Public Events Geodatabase EventsDB
Public Exotics Geodatabase ExoticsDB
Public Model Ready Events Geodatabase ModelReadyDB
(2023 Capable)
Biophysical Settings
(including Fire Regime attributes)
Existing Vegetation Type EVT
Existing Vegetation Cover EVC
Existing Vegetation Height EVH

LF 2022 Update Schedule

LF 2022 is being released by Conterminous United States (CONUS) GeoArea beginning in May 2023 with the SW. Followed by Alaska (AK), remaining GeoAreas, Hawaii (HI), and select Insular Areas (IA), Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands (PRVI), later in the year.

May 2023

June 2023

July 2023

November 2023
CONUS (full extent)

December 2023
HI, IA, Fire Regime (CONUS, HI, AK)

2022 GeoAreas


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