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LANDFIRE (LF) Remap EVT Agreement Assessment

The LF Program developed several agreement assessments for the LF Remap Existing Vegetation Type (EVT) product for each LF CONUS GeoArea. Users are strongly encouraged to review the ReadMe information available in each spreadsheet and the included white paper, all of which can be found within each zip file, to understand the context of this information.

Assessment packages include assessments for:

in two formats:

The assessment process was a comparison of the LF EVT product for a pixel with the LF Auto-Key EVT assignment for a sample plot contained in that pixel. The assessment plot data base for each GeoArea was composed of a 10% random sample of LF Reference Data Base (LFRDB) plots within each Vegetation Production Unit (VPU). Plots were distributed across VPUs to ensure as much geographic diversity as possible within a GeoArea. The maximum number of assessment plots drawn for a category was 300. If a category had fewer than 300 total LFRDB plots in a GeoArea no assessment plots were withdrawn to conserve plots for the mapping process.

Geoareas LF Remap

Geoareas:zipped file

North Central GeoArea
Northeast GeoArea
Northwest GeoArea
South Central GeoArea
Southeast GeoArea
Southwest GeoArea


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